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Originally known locally as Cottage Style


we’re always Committed to FORGING THE REAL THING

The bitterness of poor quality lasts much longer than the sweetness of the price


What constitutes a bargain? Sometimes we have a confused idea. Price is the first thing most people look at. But price is on one side of the scale. One has to weigh price against quality. Quality is evaluated by very important factors, mainly: material, craftsmanship, design and to top all of these, standard of finish. Cottage Style gives you all of this and much more as designers and manufacturers of exclusive wrought iron. We create original designs, galvanizing for outdoor use against the onslaught of weather and high humidity, matching the color of your existing iron work and a lifetime guarantee of workmanship. Individual attention is given to each customer, because we believe that our homes are an expression of ourselves. Our craftsmen guarantee that each piece we produce is a work of art. Our tiny island is presently saturated with lots of inferior quality products which are reducing art to fake imitations. We constantly see advertisers importing stuff at unbeatable prices. Take for example a bed. How can an imported bed be sold at a price which barely covers the expense of materials, when one has to remember that a profit has been made and carriage, freight and duty have been paid too? So when we deduct all this how can anyone expect to get good quality materials? Solid materials are exchanged for a hollow tube with a wall thickness so thin that a little child without any skill can bend them on a scroll machine, which then look nothing like a proper scroll. One of our clients recently confessed to us a huge mistake he had made when he ordered an imported bed for which he paid Lm170. He did not realize what he had done until the supplier handed him a double bed in a box, which he could carry without effort in one hand. How can all this be compared to the beds we make? It has a one-piece square base which is bolted at the back, and two specially designed brackets to give enough space between the front foot board and the base for a quilt to go down all the way and not end up puffed at the front of the bed. So before you decide what a bargain is, check out: the material. Is it solid or hollow? Easy hint – try to lift it. Craftsmanship and design: anyone can recognize true craftsmanship and design. All you need to do is compare a fine piece and a fake. If you are a first-time buyer, we suggest you stop around to check us out. A close look reveals details that have been left undone, such as welding excess and chippings, not to mention squeaky noises that are the result of flimsy materials. Besides omitting to clean and sand any blobs of excess welding, when a reputable spray paint for undercoating and finishing has not been used, you will end up feeling bitter as you notice that your bargain is turning into a rusty piece of junk. That is when you’ll have to admit,

as we say in Maltese, “L-irhis gholi” – cheap stuff costs you more in the long run.

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No matter what you’re buying “Cheap is expensive”. You’re paying for the QUALITY.


“And Quality is Never Compromised”

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